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Venice Biennale is back

We are very close to the opening of the Venice Biennale 2024, scheduled for April 20. For those who do not know, the first edition of what to this day is considered one of the most important artistic events, dates back to as far back as April 30 1895, a proposal of the municipal administration […]

Alla scoperta dei campanili di Venezia

With its canals and picturesque piazzas, Venice charms and fascinates visitors from all over the world. But there is one element of the lagoon skyline that often goes unnoticed, despite its centuries of history: bell towers. Indeed, over 100 churches and as many bell towers from various eras and styles can still be found in […]

The Right to Fry: Make your own Fritter for Carnevale

Venice comes alive for Carnevale, the period of celebration that celebrates the closing of winter and the beginning of the period of Lenten fasting that takes place the month before Easter. Today the festival is riot of color and creativity, you’ll see the canals filled with flotillas of traditional gondolas, locals dress in 17th century […]

Ad Oriente. The extraordinary journey of Marco Polo.

The Carnevale of Venice devotes itself to the theme of one of La Serenissima’s most famous sons, Marco Polo and his incredible journey to the East. Born in Venice in 1254 the merchant explorer was the first to travel East and through Persia and India, towards the Mongol Empire and China and its Yuan Dynasty, […]

Venetian “cicchetti”

On the Ramblas of Barcelona people eat Tapas, in the Venetian Calli they eat cicchetti. A tradition almost as old as the city itself that tells the story of a Venice of merchants and travelers, people passing through who, when they found themselves in the city, loved to really experience it and to spend the […]

Festa della Madonna della Salute

Every year on November 21, for nearly four centuries, Venice has celebrated the Festa della Madonna della Salute (Our Lady of Health), also called simply Festa della Salute. It is a much-loved event in the city, both by Venetians and by the pilgrims who come from all over the world to give thanks to the […]

Prisons and hooks – the dark past of Campiello de la Cason

Although it has definitely taken its time, giving us mild days even in October, we can officially say that autumn has arrived also in Venice. The days have shortened and the fog over the lagoon makes the city even more inebriating. It is the time of chestnuts, pumpkin, warm soups that enliven the soul, “ombre” […]

Tintoretto’s Venice

“Tintoretto is Venice even if he does not paint Venice” wrote Jean Paul Sartre. And indeed, the artist’s biography is so viscerally linked to the city’s history that, even today, it is easy to imagine his daily life among the “calli” and “campielli” of the Serenissima, from the nobles’ courts to the dyers’ district. On […]